home fire from furnace

home fire from furnace

According to the National Fire Protection Association, heating systems is the third leading cause of house fires. Now that you are using your heating system frequently during these cold months, it is important to be able to identify odors given off by your heating unit.

Burning Odor – A burning smell could possibly be dust in your furnace or a very old air filter. This usually occurs when you haven’t used your furnace in a while and dust has gathered in the combustion chamber. Your air filter may also need to be replaced if it is full of dust. Another possibility could be debris in the ductwork melting. Call a professional if the burning smell continues after the first day of use.

Sulfuric Odor – If you use natural gas to heat your home and you smell something similar to rotten eggs, you need to open all of the windows and leave your home immediately. This means there is a gas leak and an explosion could occur. After you leave your home, call the fire department right away.

Musty Odor – A musty or damp smell could mean you have mold in your furnace or its ductwork. This smell might mean your condenser pump needs a good cleaning. The collection of water and dust in the condenser pump can cause mold to grow. If your home still smells musty, you could have mold growing somewhere else in your home and you should call a professional.

Electrical Odor – An electrical odor will smell like hot metal or a burning iron. This smell can mean a variety of things. This could mean there is a loose electrical connection. A mechanical malfunction can also cause this odor. A dirty air filter can also be the root of the smell, by restricting the airflow and causing the heater to overheat.

Oil Odor – This particular smell usually means there is an oil leak or your oil burner is not working properly. Luckily, leaks are easy to spot, look on the floor around your oil burner for oil drips.

Taking action against an odor from you heating system could save your home. For any heating needs, call Gillece today!