furnace filter that needs to be replaced

Many problems can arise with your furnace. However, these problems aren’t always something major or costly. Often times, many issues with your furnace can be the result of a dirty furnace filter. Changing the filter only takes about five minutes, so take the time and change your furnace filter once a month to prevent pesky problems from happening.

During the months when your furnace is constantly in operation, you should be changing the air filter every 30 days. A dirty air filter could potentially cause your furnace to short cycle. The term “short cycle” refers to the unit turning on and off quickly. When your furnace is working properly, the unit will come on and heat your home until the desired temperature is reached and then turn off. The clogged and dirty air filter won’t allow the warm air to pass through into your home. All that warm air has to go somewhere, so it backs up into the unit. Since all the warm air backs up into the unit, this informs the thermostat that the room is already at the desired temperature so it turns the unit off.

A common issue with a furnace is it distributing cold air right after blowing warm air and heating your home. When this happens, your furnace is overheating. This may seem a bit ironic, but it’s not a problem to take lightly. When your furnace overheats, the built in safety mechanism automatically turns off the burners and blows cold air in attempt to cool the unit down.
A common reason your furnace might be overheating is due to a dirty air filter. Yes, it is possible that the answer is that simple. An air filter that is full of hair, dirt, dust and other debris will restrict airflow. When the airflow is restricted, it will take the furnace much longer to heat your home. As a result, the unit runs longer and works harder and will eventually overheat.