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When it comes time to turn on your gas furnace for the winter, and sometimes within a couple of months of operation, something might go wrong, leaving you with no heat or a faulty furnace that needs fixed.  Whether it produces no heat or insufficient heat, strange noises or smells, your furnace will need professional service and possible repair. There are a variety of problems that could contribute to your furnace’s malfunction; Gillece Heating Services can diagnose those problems and repair your gas furnace for the proper heating of your home.

No heat? Call Gillece!

You might turn on your furnace for the first time of the season and find that no heat or not enough heat is blowing through your vents. Or, your furnace might continuously turn on and off much too often. There could be a squealing or rumbling noise or a gaseous odor emanating, as well, letting you know that something is wrong. When any of these things happen, Gillece Heating Services is there for you. We offer Gilley’s “Winter Ready” Heating Diagnosis in which we determine the source of the problem and provide repair options. No matter what happens, Gillece can get to your home, evaluate the problem, and repair your gas furnace to get your heat back in working order.

Inspection for Prevention

Part of gas furnace repair includes preventative maintenance, which can address furnace problems before they turn into something worse. Gillece Safety and Preventative Maintenance Checks are recommended before heating season kicks in, for inspection of your furnace before cold weather arrives. Gillece HVAC Technicians can conduct a thorough evaluation of your furnace, including the internal heat exchanger, to detect any problems, areas of concern, or parts that need repair. Preventative maintenance helps to ensure the safe operation of your gas furnace and to address any issues that could lead to future breakdown.

Repair for Best Home Heating

Gillece Heating Services can fix problems associated with your circuit breaker; pilot light; air filter; gas burners; combustion chamber; blower motor; thermostat; and much more. While some issues might stem directly from the furnace itself, others might be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat. Gillece HVAC Technicians can troubleshoot your thermostat and determine a solution to repair your gas furnace problem.

Your home deserves the best heat possible during chilly Pittsburgh winters! Gillece Heating Services is available for all of your heating and gas furnace needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We never close! We know that lack of heat can become an emergency situation and that a faulty furnace can be a big inconvenience. So if you’re in need of heating maintenance, repair, or replacement, just call Gillece!