leaking furnace

There’s nothing like water around the furnace that will make a homeowner gasp for air. At no point should there ever be water surrounding your heating unit let alone pouring out of it. When your furnace is leaking, it can appear to be a major problem, but remain calm, often times it is a simple and painless repair that’s easy on your wallet.

The evaporator coil inside your home will sweat when the unit is cooling. However, if there isn’t proper insulation or there are tears in the seams, water will drip from it. Fortunately, this is an easy and fairly cheap repair. Make sure the coil is properly insulated and seal any rips and tears with tape.

The coil should be cleaned once a year to avoid a buildup of debris. A clog has the potential to form in your coil which will prevent it from carrying the condensation caused by the evaporator, from your unit to the pan outside. When this happens, the water will back up and drip onto the floor. This is a bigger problem during the summer but it has the potential to occur during the winter as well. Simply replace or clean your coil to stop the dripping.

If your unit is in an unheated area, like the basement or attic, any excess water or condensation on or inside the indoor coil could freeze. Eventually, this ice will melt and drip all over the floor. Should you see any ice on the floor or around your unit, call an HVAC professional immediately to get your unit serviced and working properly again.

Problems with your indoor coil could possibly cause severe water damage in your home, especially in finished basements and attics. Be sure to have your unit inspected annually to avoid any of these issues with your indoor coil.