warm weather and furnace

warm weather and furnace

It’s August and although we are months away (thankfully!) from winter weather our home might be thinking otherwise. If your furnace is running (even in the hot summer months) you are not alone and don’t worry NOTHING is wrong with your furnace.

All homes built after 1991 have state-mandated, interior-mechanical ventilation systems. Your furnace has a make-up air system built into it. An adjustable timer is located on the outside of the furnace. Occasionally it activates the blower fan inside the furnace. Although you can hear it, no heat is being produced for this cycle. Still not convinced? Check your thermostat. No heat will be produced unless the thermostat calls for it.

If your furnace was on, you would know it. Your house stays cool in the summer because it is not producing heat. In the winter, instead of the air cooling down your home, the thermostat responds by signaling the furnace to produce heat.

If you have a central air conditioning system, then you cannot turn off the electric to your furnace because the air blower on the furnace is used to blow cold air throughout your home. If you don’t have central air then you can turn off your gas and electric to your furnace to save money!

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