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Carbon Monoxide gas leaks continue to contribute to several annual deaths in the United States, along with examinations or treatments in hospitals for Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Breathed over long periods of time, even low concentrations of Carbon Monoxide can contribute to other illnesses and health conditions. Not to worry – there are ways to prevent these dangers most commonly associated with leaks from risky or uncared for Home Heating Furnaces.

Around the fall season moving into winter, more and more people turn on their Home Heating Furnace without a Professional Safety-Check or Tune-Up, leaving to chance the risk for Carbon Monoxide (CO) leaks and missed detections. And, there are actually many common sources of Carbon Monoxide and potential leaks in the home including all fuel-burning devices such as Home Heating Furnaces, gas/kerosene space heaters, boilers, gas cooking stoves, water heaters, clothes dryers, fireplaces, charcoal grills, wood stoves, power generators, motor vehicles, etc.

Gillece Services HVAC Heating Technicians are now certified Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Analysis Specialists with the National Comfort Institute (NCI), and Home Heating Industry Experts in proper household Carbon Monoxide detection, leak prevention services, combustion analysis, and CO alarm installation. We offer the smartest and safest way to confirm that there are no dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide gasses in your home with a complete home Carbon Monoxide Safety & Combustion Analysis, including the primary culprit for potential leaks – your Home Heating Furnace.

Gillece Services retails and installs a highly specialized CO detection monitor – “The Low-Level Carbon Monoxide Alarm National Safety Institute Model 3000,” which can detect CO gas and leaks at extremely low levels from your Home Heating Furnace or other major appliances. This alarm is especially important to families with elderly, children of any age, and those with respiratory and heart problems as low levels of CO are equally as dangerous as high levels within these categories of people.