Changing a furnace filter

Why Everyone Should Change their Air Furnace Filters Every 3 Months, Minimum

A critical aspect to the success of the function of your home’s Heating Furnace system is maintenance – in particular, keeping up with the changing of your Furnace’s air Filter.  Air Furnace Filters for home Heating Furnaces are designed to trap particles.  Some air Furnace Filters are designed to trap larger particles on a big level, and some are designed to trap even the tiniest particles on the smallest level.  Either way, your home Heating Furnace system’s air Furnace Filter is intended for constant replenishment – every 3 months as a minimum, as a matter of fact – sometime much more frequently, depending on how quickly the Furnace Filter fills up.

Typically, Furnace Filters that catch and trap medium to small to the smallest particles fill up much more quickly, and in fact filled or clogged air Furnace Filters can actually impede the flow of heated air, thus slowing the quality of your Furnace’s Heating potential.  So, be sure to change these types of air Furnace Filters much more frequently according to manufacturer’s instructions.

There are many air Furnace Filters available on the market today for home Heating Furnace systems.  The most common air Furnace Filters are found in supermarkets, hardware stores, and home supply retailers.  All of these Furnace Filters for home Heating Furnace systems (and A/C systems for that matter) guarantee a percentage of effectiveness… but, this can be misleading.

The real question is, “At what micron size is the Furnace Filter effective?”  A micron is a unit of length equal to one millionth of a meter and a common unit of measurement for airborne allergens in the Heating & Cooling industry.  So, for example, an air Furnace  Filter that is rated 98% effective at 20-micron size (large particles) and 0% effective below 1-micron size (small particles), is not really cleaning the air to the best possible ability, since 98% of all airborne particles measure below 1-micron in size.  Read the fine print on the packaging in order to determine the true effectiveness of any air Furnace  Filter.

And remember, a filled, dirty Furnace Filter actually impedes the flow of air for Heating from your Furnace system.  The more effective an air Furnace Filter is at grabbing smaller particles, the sooner it will most certainly clog up with particles and indeed cause impeded flow, which is something you want to avoid.