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Gillece Heating Customer Experiences and Reviews – Freezing Cold

Gillece Heating continually strives to provide our customers with reliable and quality service. It always reassuring to hear our customers reflect upon their experiences with Gillece knowing we did our best to solve their problems.

“One Saturday morning, my son and I were watching TV when it started to get a little chilly in our house.  I got up to check the thermostat.  It seemed like everything was ok.  About an hour later I could tell it wasn’t.  It was so cold outside and the temperature inside dropped really.  I had to wrap my son in blankets to keep him warm and you could see our breath when we talked.  I could not get the heat to come back on and was starting to get really nervous.  Luckily we were able to get a hold of someone on a Saturday.   I called Gillece and they were able to come out the same day.  The furnace has been operating great ever since.  My family is always nice and warm.  Thanks for being there when we needed someone to help.”

Johnathan O.