Gillece techs working on furnace

You might have often heard that your home comfort system should be serviced annually, once for your furnace and once for your air conditioner. Annual service aims to ensure the efficient operation of your system so that it will properly cool your home throughout summer and heat it during winter.

So, does your furnace need a yearly inspection? Here are some reasons why expert Gillece Heating Technicians agree the answer is always “yes!”

1.       Prevent Breakdowns

HVAC maintenance is often compared to a car. Just as you have your car inspected once a year, similar logic holds true for your furnace. Like a car, a large percentage of heating problems and breakdowns occur due to lack of maintenance. That is when you discover on a frigid winter night that your furnace isn’t producing any heat, turning the situation into an emergency fast.

2.       Ensure Safe Operation

Part of an annual furnace inspection involves making sure the system is safe to operate, as certain damage can lead to gas leaks like deadly carbon monoxide that you won’t be able to detect on your own. Your Gillece Heating Technician will inspect the heat exchanger for cracks and defects that can lead to dangerous leaks. Any other problems can be properly identified and fixed before you turn on your furnace for the season.

3.       Improve Efficiency

A furnace inspection is a cost-effective way to improve heating efficiency, as less energy means lower operating costs. During furnace inspections, Gillece HVAC Technicians check over all areas that may need cleaned out or tuned up in order to reach optimal performance.

4.       Maintain Warranty

While furnace manufacturers unanimously recommend annual inspections, some warranty agreements may require them in order to uphold the warranty. The idea is that maintenance helps to prevent many issues and potential damage. If something goes wrong due to lack of maintenance, the warranty may not cover it.

Gillece Furnace Inspection

Gillece Services’ Furnace Start-up Inspection includes:

  • 18-point inspection of areas such as the evaporator and condenser coils, burners, vent system, electrical connections, heat exchanger, blower motor and drainage system
  • High-definition, infrared camera inspection of the heat exchanger
  • Filter check
  • Carbon Monoxide reading

Before cold weather settles in and you rely on your furnace to keep your home and family warm, start by scheduling an annual inspection. Gillece Heating can provide peace of mind and assurance that your system will operate safely and efficiently throughout winter. Call Gillece for your 18-point Start-up Inspection today!