double pane window diagram

When making updates and upgrades to your home, it’s easy to get lost in remodeling the bathroom and updating the kitchen, but the windows in your home are a quick and essential update. Taking only a day, you can install a double pane on all of your windows and you’ll immediately reap the benefits of this low cost project.

Double pane windows are just that – there are two sheets of glass with just about two inches of space in between each sheet in one window frame. One of the most significant benefits of double paned windows is that they cut costs of your heating bill. Double paned windows are 50 percent more effective of keeping the heat in your home than your typical single pane window. Think of all the heat you lose from all of your single pane windows. This fact alone makes it worth the update!

This will also eliminate unwanted cold drafts in your home. The double pane window easily functions as additional insulation, so there’s no need to put any ugly plastic on your windows. This works great during the summer as well when your air conditioning unit is on. Your cool air won’t escape through the windows.

Another benefit of double paned windows is that it stifles the sound outside. This is an added bonus if you live on a noisy street or in the city. With old single pane windows you can clearly hear conversations of people walking by, eliminate that completely with double pane windows.

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