Gillece performing a furnace inspection

Every autumn before cold weather sets in, Gillece Heating Services performs annual furnace inspections that are recommended for every home. Before you turn on your furnace for the long winter season, it is important to have your furnace thoroughly inspected by a professional HVAC technician.  A furnace check not only aims to ensure there are no problems with your heating system but also provides added benefits.

Furnace Inspection Benefits Include:

  • Increased Efficiency

A furnace inspection can help to improve the efficiency of your furnace by ensuring the system is free of dirt and debris that make a system work harder and use more energy. A more efficient system means lower heating costs and better performance.

  • Better Comfort

Gillece Heating Technicians perform a furnace inspection with the goal to provide the best comfort possible from your heating system. A properly operating furnace that is well-maintained will provide better comfort throughout the season, keeping your home and your family sufficiently warm.

  • Improved Air Quality

If your furnace isn’t inspected to check for dirt and debris buildup throughout the system, you could be allowing dirt to circulate through your vents and into your home. A clean air filter is also crucial to indoor air quality and should be replaced at least once every three months or as often as needed.

  • Prevention of Major Problems

A furnace inspection by a Gillece HVAC Technician includes the use of a high-definition furnace camera to check for any defects within the heat exchanger. If any issues exist, you can address them before the season begins and potentially prevent dangerous gas leaks as well as other major issues that might otherwise occur unexpectedly. A furnace inspection provides the peace of mind that you can rely on your home heating system to work throughout the season and operate to its peak ability.

Gillece Heating provides an 18-point furnace inspection that you can take advantage of early in the season to prepare for winter weather. Experienced Gillece Technicians check the filter, burners, oil pump screen, thermostat, temperature and pressure, and many other areas of your furnace that require routine maintenance. All of a furnace inspection’s benefits come together keep your home comfortable and safe throughout winter months.