installing plastic over large windows

Big old windows are a beautiful addition to your home. They let in a lot of natural light that brightens up your home, especially in the winter. Unfortunately, light isn’t the only thing these big windows let in, they also allow cold drafts to seep their way into your home.

Use these helpful tips to keep the cold air from making its way into your home through the windows:

Double pane windows
Upgrading your windows and installing double pane windows will be the most effective way to keep cold drafts from entering your home via the window. Double pane windows are two sheets of glass that are about 1.5 to 2 inches apart. These types of windows are 50 percent more effective than single pane windows. However, this option is not a quick fix installation and can be a bit costly.
Purchasing thick curtains or drapes will be much cheaper than installing double pane windows. Although they won’t completely eliminate cold drafts, they will help keep the cold air out and add a bit of instillation to the room. Curtains or drapes will also look much nicer in your home than putting plastic on your windows.
Speaking of putting plastic on your windows, this is even more cost effective and more efficient in keeping your home warm than curtains or drapes. Although it won’t look that pretty and will block your view, it’ll add much needed insulation to your home on those cold, drafty winter days.
This is a great option that you can use with your curtains and drapes, or on its own. Purchase some foam from any hardware store or use the foam that comes with your air condition to place in the cracks of your windows to block out any unwanted cold drafts.