Troubleshooting your Furnace

As your furnace continues working this winter to keep your home warm, you might run into unforeseen issues along the way. For a conventional mid-efficiency gas furnace, troubleshooting can help […]

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How to Seal Air Leaks

Air leaks throughout your home can contribute to significant wasted energy and money spent on utility bills while causing your home to lose some of its comfort. The simplest and […]

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Repair your Gas Furnace with Gillece

When it comes time to turn on your gas furnace for the winter, and sometimes within a couple of months of operation, something might go wrong, leaving you with no […]


Gillece Services’ Furnace Replacement to Save Energy and Cut Costs

If your furnace is at least ten years old- and possibly a couple of years younger- and requires frequent repairs while being inefficient and oversized, it might be the right […]

Winter in Pittsburgh

Gillece Heating: Warm Escape from Pittsburgh Winter Weather

When winter in Pittsburgh arrives, and even before in the fall, homeowners turn on their heat for the first time of the season and gear up for many more months […]

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Gillece Pittsburgh Heating Systems for the Heat Your Home Deserves

No matter what system you use to heat your home during many months of cold weather, your heat requires the skills and expertise of a certified Heating Technician and experienced […]

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Common Furnace Problems

Gillece Heating Services Remedies Common Furnace Problems to Restore Comfort There are many problems that can arise with your furnace that keep the heat from turning on, staying on, or […]

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Inspector Furnace Camera

Gillece Services Furnace Check with Inspector Furnace Camera Gillece Services provides its customers with inspection checks of their equipment, using advanced technology that exceeds industry standards. For instance, if something […]

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Floor Vent Adjustment Tips

Gillece Floor Vent Adjustment Tips for Staying Warm This Winter If you are like many residents in the Pittsburgh area region and vicinity, your home heating system is a Furnace.  […]

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Keep Carbon Monoxide Risk Away From Your Family and Loved Ones

Although it may be alarming and often hard to think about, carbon monoxide gas leaks continue to contribute to several annual deaths in the United States, along with examinations or […]