Gillece Programmable Thermostat

What if Gillece Services in Pittsburgh told you that YOU could fix many of your thermostat problems on your own without having to call a service technician? And, what if you could do this while saving money? Would you be interested? Of course, you would!

Gillece Services gets all kinds of thermostat service calls and see a wide variety of problems… and, you’d be surprised just how many of these problems can be solved without a service call to your home.  As your HVAC experts, let Gillece Services give you some useful tips on using your home thermostat, while providing some helpful money-saving ideas.

Whether programming your thermostat for the very first time or changing its back-up batteries or trouble-shooting key problems… Gillece will teach you what you need to know. And, we’ll also throw in some energy-saving, money-saving tips!

Let’s get started with setting up the basics for initial programming.

Set the time and day:
1. Press the SET CLOCK/DAY/SCHEDULE button, the press the up arrow or down arrow to set the clock time.
2. Press the SET DAY button, then press the up arrow or down arrow to select the day of the week.
3. Press DONE to save and exit.

Select the fan setting:
1. Press the FAN button to select Auto or On.

Select the system setting:
Press the SYSTEM button to select:
• Heat – Thermostat controls only heating system.
• Cool – Thermostat controls only cooling system.
• Off – Heating and cooling systems are off.
• Auto – Thermostat automatically selects heating or cooling depending on indoor temperature.

Here’s where some money-saving tips come in…you can save money by programming your thermostat system for maximum savings! You can program four different time periods each day, including different settings for weekdays and weekends.

• Wake – Set to the time you awaken and the temperature you during the morning, until you leave for the day.
• Leave – Set to the time you leave home and the temperature you want while you are away. (good time of day for energy savings!)
• Return – Set to the time you return home and the temperature you want during the evening, until bedtime.
• Sleep – Set to the time you go to bed and the temperature you want overnight. (also, good time for energy savings!)

Energy-saving settings for maximum cost savings:
• “Use the thermostat’s pre-set energy-savings program temperature settings for maximum value.”
• Note: you can also cancel Leave and Return periods over the weekends – Saturdays and Sundays, that is.

To adjust programmed schedules:
• Press the up arrow or down arrow to set your weekday Wake time (Monday-Friday), then press NEXT.
• Press the up arrow or down arrow to set the temperature for this time period, then press NEXT.
• Set time and temperature for the next time period (Leave). Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each weekday time period.
• Press NEXT to set weekend time periods (Saturday-Sunday), then press DONE to save and exit.

Battery Replacement:
• Batteries provide optional back-up power if your thermostat was wired to run on AC power when installed.
• Press and pull the battery compartment to remove battery holder.
• Insert fresh AA alkaline batteries, then reinstall battery holder.


If Your Display is Blank:
• Check circuit breaker and reset if necessary.
• Make sure power switch at heating and cooling system is on.
• Make sure furnace door is closed securely.
• If thermostat is battery powered, be sure batteries are correctly installed.

To Restore Default Settings:
3. Press DONE and NEXT at the same time for 5 seconds.

If your temperature settings are not changing as they should, make sure heating and cooling temperatures are set to acceptable ranges.

If your heating or cooling system does not respond, press SYSTEM button to set system to Heat or Cool (whichever the problem). Make sure the temperature is set higher than the inside temperature.

“Cool On” or “Heat On” is flashing means that your compressor protection feature is engaged. Wait 5 minutes for the system to restart safely, without damage to the compressor.

Hopefully by now, you can really see how simple it is to set up, program and trouble-shoot your thermostat for the needs of your family in your home.  Other things your thermostat can do are temporarily override your programmed schedule… in other words, temporarily adjust the temperature setting for the current time period, as well as create a permanent override.

And, if your problem is not solved by these simple instructions, be sure to “Trust Your Home to the Experts, and Call Gillece!”

Just so you know, Gillece Services also offers a higher-end thermostat for customers in Pittsburgh and the surrounding communities who want the latest and greatest in home HVAC technology. This thermostat features:

• High-Definition, Full Color Display
• Temperature Control on Demand
• All-In-One Control
• Outdoor Temperature
• 7-Day Programming
• Simple Touchscreen Technology